One of the most important rooms to consider – especially in a location like here on the Sunshine coast – is the outdoor entertaining area.  Whether your outdoor area is a timber deck off your old Queenslander, an enclosed tiled balcony or a beautiful expanse of lawn, having a space where you can comfortably sit, relax and entertain friends and Family in is essential.

Having recently completed the design for a client’s outdoor area in Noosa, I was faced with a dilemma – of which I am sure most people experience.  My dilemma was, that with ample wholesale and retail suppliers at my finger tips, I was unable to source a ‘complete’ or ‘mix and match’ outdoor setting that I thought would really suit or reflect my Client and their lifestyle.  Sure, I certainly came across some lovely outdoor settings that may have been ok, however I created the following list that – should I have bought from a wholesaler or retailer – I required the outdoor furnishings to encompass, these were: timeless in style, elegant yet still funky, unique for my Client, their lifestyle and location, had to be affordable and I always love furnishings to be an amalgam of style – for example. industrial meets french country, modern minimalist pieces meet eclectic styling.

To complement the modern and stylish architecture of the apartment complex I knew rattan would work perfectly and what works beautifully with rattan chairs – an oak dining table.  However I wanted something more unique for this space and had my eye on a pre-fabricated outdoor concrete table.  Unfortunately the supplier I was going to use was out of stock – which actually turned out to be a really good thing.  So with a clear design in mind, I commissioned a local supplier to custom make an outdoor table that I knew would look fantastic.  The size was completely tailored to my Client’s space – this was important because it sits right near the outdoor kitchen (which of course still had to be functional), and it was also important to consider the proportions of the table in regard to the outdoor space.  The best parts about designing and having this stunning table made locally was that it was a pleasure dealing directly with the craftsman and that – even though it was custom made – it was significantly less expensive than the pre-fab one that was made in another country.

Normally I am not attracted to or excited to use ‘industrial’ style pieces of furniture, however the raw finish (that patinas and ages over time) contrasting with the man made finish of the wicker made it all simply work.  I think this would have to be a great description of how I like to design – I don’t use pieces from any one style, I believe the beauty comes from the juxtaposition or amalgam of multiple styles.

If you would like any further information on how to achieve a look like this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Outdoor concrete table

This is the view of the outdoor area from the open plan living room – National park surrounding Noosa in the background


Custom made concrete table

Outdoor dining area


Outdoor concrete table

Outdoor dining area with built in kitchen





































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