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Interior colour & cabinetry scheme

Colour Consultation

When talking about selecting paint colours for your home, you may initially think about the colour for a feature wall, or the colour for the skirting and architraves, however, selecting a colour scheme that is harmonious and that you will live happily with for years to come requires a lot more thought, planning and understanding on just how colour works.  In essence, selecting interior and exterior colours is all about creating a colour scheme that will enhance and complement your existing furnishings, orientation and home aspect  – and of course reflect your personal tastes.

A good colour scheme should use varying tones and shades to create the desired mood for your home.   Sometimes, colour can even be used to manipulate the human eye into thinking a room is something that it perhaps isn’t.  For example, one trick I often use is to select a set of colours that can be used in such a way so as to create an ‘illusion’ that a small, dark and pokey room is actually a more generously sized space with plenty of natural lighting.  When colour is used in this manner it perhaps best illustrates just how powerful it can be in influencing an interior space.

Colour has the ability to evoke certain emotions that can really enhance or detract from someone’s experience within a space.  It is for these reasons that the right choice is so important, and the wrong choice can be so costly.

Who is colour consulting for?

  • Residential house and apartment owners – whether you are building, renovating or redecorating
  • Body corporate committees
  • Commercial premises

Interior colour consulting package – From $300.00 for a residential home

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Living room colour and decorating scheme

Interior colour consulting generally takes between 1 – 2 hours. During this consult I will assess your interior space, existing furnishings, and discuss with you what it is that you are trying to achieve in your home. I will then take all these factors into account, and select a set of colours from Taubmans, Resene or Dulux colour atlas’ that will complement both your personal tastes and your lifestyle.

The inclusions are as follows:

  • Wall colours – including feature walls
  • Skirting, architrave and door colour selections
  • Ceiling and cornice colour selections

Following our meeting, I will post you your personal colour information pack, which includes all the details that you and  your painter will need – as well as a set of A4 colour cards of the selected colours I have chosen for you.

Exterior colour consultation package – From $300.00 for a residential home
Exterior colour consultation is very similar to the interior, however we are addressing different features and taking alternate factors into consideration when developing a colour scheme. Such considerations include the location of the property, landscape, sunlight, development covenant, existing roof and/or driveway colours. When we select a colour scheme, I always take a cohesive approach to ensuring that the exterior of the home flows seamlessly from the outside in, and that the style and colours used complement each other.
Colour selection inclusions are as follows:

  • Roof (if being replaced or repainted)
  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Fascia
  • Eaves
  • General walls + feature wall selections
  • Garage door
  • Front door (for renovating or new builds)
  • Window frames (for new builds)

Please contact Erica to discuss your individual requirements.

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