When it comes to the design of a bathroom, what are some of the features you think would make you really love that space? Is it the functionality of the space or the aesthetics? Do you like the open plan space with a walk through double shower, or the large room with multiple little rooms?


Like in all the design projects I work on, I like to ensure there is a healthy fusion of function (how it works) & aesthetics (how it looks).  A lot of the time Interior Designers can be accused of merely creating stylish and attractive spaces, instead of designing spaces that really cater to the function required for that room.

When designing your bathroom, there are multiple features that need to be considered to ensure you achieve everything you want to for that space – floor to ceiling tiles, feature walls, feature tiles, using tile borders to visually divide the space, mirror styles, storage, custom or ‘off the shelf’ vanities, shower niche or built in shower shelf etc.  You could be looking for ways to make the room appear larger, traditional in style, more cosy… So with many options to consider, I thought I would provide a few images illustrating different styles and features within a bathroom that I have used in the past when presenting ideas to Client’s.

I hope this collection of images can assist you when you are considering what you may like to include in the design of your bathroom.


Bathroom design

Stone slab used a feature on the wall behind the vanity – matches the stone on the floor. Wall colours beautifully complement the stone and white border tile.

Romantic bathroom design

This bathroom has a feeling of Romance with the use of the flowing sheer curtains around the freestanding bath. Sheers are a great option in a bathroom especially when the shower is fully enclosed.

Stylish bathrooms

Not only do I love the harmonious colour palette chosen for this space – shades of lilac and grey – but I love the toilet being in its own room off the bathroom.

wall niche in bathroom

This is a great example of a feature wall tile and a long/ functional wall niche.

Herringbone tiles

Luxe – Herringbone marble tiles, a private shower room with espresso stained vanity.

Floor to ceiling bathroom tiles

Floor tiles used on all walls creates a feeling of ‘Hotel Luxe’



mosaic bathroom tiles

Mosaic feature wall tiles – Aqua and seafoam tones. Love the contrast of the traditional features of the cabinetry and the decadence of the mirror.

shower niche

Full length shower wall niche. Niche tiled in feature wall tiles.

Tile niche

Enclosed shower with shower seat and small wall niche.

Bathroom tile selections

Very funky feature wall tiles and decorative wall sconces.

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